Warm Beach Holidays to Sri Lanka in 2024 / 2025

Best Beach Holidays & Romantic Beach Holidays to Sri Lanka 2024 / 2025

Renowned for its stunning beaches, the Sri Lankan coastline offers the best-untouched stretches of white sand along with beautiful palm-fringed beaches giving way to the perfect relaxed beach holiday. The beaches are at their best during the summer months, making them perfect for an astounding tropical getaway. The year-round warmth and sunshine draw you in for the aqua blue ocean waves to swirl gently between your toes to lull you into a state of blissful relaxation. Imagine the sound of gently rolling waves and the warm sea breeze hugging you while you’re relaxing by the beach soaking up the warm sunshine. Add these warm relaxing feels to your travel stories and enjoy a warm sunny holiday of a lifetime.

We are here to make your ideal sunny beach holiday come true. Explore the holiday ideas below or simply get in touch with us to customise your warm beach holiday to Sri Lanka.

“I would highly recommend Ceylon Insider! We spent two amazing weeks for our honeymoon with Ceylon Insider. Sri Lanka is an amazing place to visit, with a friendly culture and lots to see and experience. We enjoyed wildlife/safaris, surfing, sight-seeing, walking/hiking, a Sri Lankan cooking lesson/ traditional cultural experience as well as luxurious accommodation …..”

Simone Akehurst

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Beach Holidays To Sri Lanka With Babies

From $790.00

Sri Lanka is the perfect family beach holiday destination to relax with your baby. A naturally made holiday destination and was conquered by the best family holiday title. Spend your ideal family holiday at some of the most iconic holiday beach resorts…

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Culture, Hill Country & Wildlife Highlight

From $540.00

Enjoy a short holiday in Sri Lanka in 5 days. This tour will take you from awe-inspiring misty mountains to the cultural triangle in Sri Lanka and end with a glimpse of wildlife interactions and a beach stay in Negombo. This 5-day quick holiday to Sri Lanka…

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Family Holiday to Sri Lanka

From $1,100.00

This classic island tour for a family holiday to Sri Lanka includes the best that the island paradise can offer. From ancient cities to tea-growing hill country and from miles stretched golden sandy beaches to the finest hotels of Sri Lanka will give you the perfect holiday…

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Holiday to Sri Lanka with Teenagers

From $970.00

Take your family on an exciting holiday to the island that is famous for its misty mountains of tea country, thousands of years old historical monuments and the miles stretched golden sandy beaches with this holiday with teenagers tour. This carefully crafted…

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Honeymoon in Sri Lanka

From $1,220.00

This tour yields a leisurely experience of all that’s best in Sri Lanka with the island’s best destination hotels where you and your partner will be treated with warm Sri Lankan hospitality that comes from the heart. This tour includes the island’s most exotic locations…

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On The Beach Holiday

From $1,680.00

Sri Lankan coastline offers the best-untouched stretches of white sand along with beautiful palm-fringed beaches giving way to the perfect relaxed beach holiday. Explore the golden sandy beaches of Sri Lanka with a touch of wildlife encounters in the National Parks…

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Photography Holidays to Sri Lanka

From $1,180.00

Explore our handcrafted Sri Lanka Photography Tour package covering all the picturesque destinations around the country, specially made for all kinds of Photographers. This tour covers all the beautiful destinations all the way from the coastline to the hill country…

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Romantic Warm Beach Holiday

From $1,150.00

Step into the island filled with picturesque beaches and crystal clear water with palm-fringed coastal waiting for you to have the perfect romantic getaway. Warm beach holidays are what Sri Lanka is best known for among its exotic wildlife encounters…

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