Family Holidays to Sri Lanka in 2023 / 2024

Best Family Holiday Destinations With Kids 2023 / 2024

As you treasure every moment of your child’s life growing up, you never forget the landmark moments spent together. Combining Sri Lanka’s best holiday destinations we have curated these wonderful journeys to enjoy with your family and kids.

As you enjoy your leisure time in this warm holiday destination, cherish the moments from your baby dipping a toe in the shallow blue sea to your teenager catching the waves in one of the international surfing beaches in the world. These luxury family holidays are carefully crafted including the best family holiday destinations within Sri Lanka to give you ultimate joy and relaxation with your family.

Explore Sri Lanka with your family and relish the moments of your children start to appreciate the beautiful world around them.

“The highlight of the one-week trip was the Yala National Park, which is where we went on an incredible safari. Throughout the safari we spotted a total of 4 leopards and many other animals! Another place that we loved was Sigiriya. It was a perfect trip with our teenagers …..”

Cynthia A. C. Jardim

“Our family of five has recently returned from 12 magical days in Sri Lanka, led by Ceylon Insider Travels. From our first email interaction months ago, to our final farewell at the airport in Colombo last week, we could not have wished for a better experience for our family in Sri Lanka than that which was facilitated …..”

Vicki Forbes

With every family holiday

Best Family Holiday Ideas

Beach Holidays To Sri Lanka With Babies

From $790.00

Sri Lanka is the perfect family beach holiday destination to relax with your baby. A naturally made holiday destination and was conquered by the best family holiday title. Spend your ideal family holiday at some of the most iconic holiday beach resorts…

Family Beach Holidays

From $2,130.00

A family-friendly beach holiday is what you look for when you’re going on a holiday with your children. Explore the best family-friendly beach holiday with us to maximize your beach holiday experience. Sri Lankan coastline offers the best-untouched stretches of white sand…

Family Holidays to Sri Lanka

From $1,100.00

This classic island tour for a family holiday to Sri Lanka includes the best that the island paradise can offer. From ancient cities to tea-growing hill country and from miles stretched golden sandy beaches to the finest hotels of Sri Lanka will give you the perfect holiday…

Holiday to Sri Lanka with Teenagers

From $970.00

Take your family on an exciting holiday to the island that is famous for its misty mountains of tea country, thousands of years old historical monuments and the miles stretched golden sandy beaches with this holiday with teenagers tour. This carefully crafted…

Sri Lanka Big Five – Safari Holiday to Sri Lanka

From $1,095.00

According to wildlife experts, Sri Lanka is the best destination for big game safaris outside Africa. As a treat for animal enthusiasts, it is possible to photograph the largest land mammal in the world – the elephant, the largest mammal of the ocean – the blue whale…

Sri Lanka Hill Country Holiday

From $480.00

Though Sri Lanka is a tropical island with various geographical attractions and tropical climates, the central part of the country differs from other areas with a cold climate filled with misty mountain tops, scenic views and waterfalls nourishing the country, tea estates…

Sri Lanka Holidays With Toddlers

Step into the island filled with exotic destinations, awe-inspiring activities and golden sandy beaches naturally made perfect for the unforgettable family holiday you are looking for. Enjoy your relaxed time with your toddler with this perfectly made toddler-friendly…