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It is incredible how much you can do on a day tour in Sri Lanka or a day excursion in Sri Lanka, which is a true paradise for adventurers, wildlife enthusiasts, and travellers looking for a unique way to spend the day during your holiday in Sri Lank. Enjoy our carefully curated day tours in Sri Lanka, which include awe-inspiring destinations where big cats stalk the jungles looking for a thrilling hunt, historical monuments that date back hundreds of years, and lush, misty mountains in the hill country.

“I would highly recommend Ceylon Insider! We spent two amazing weeks for our honeymoon with Ceylon Insider. Sri Lanka is an amazing place to visit, with a friendly culture and lots to see and experience. We enjoyed wildlife/safaris, surfing, sight-seeing, walking/hiking, a Sri Lankan cooking lesson/ traditional cultural experience as well as luxurious accommodation …..”

Simone Akehurst

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