Best Winter-Sun Holiday Destinations

best winter sun holiday destinations

Best Winter-Sun Holiday Destinations

The best winter-sun holiday destination to travel in 2024 / 2025

We have brought to you the perfect winter-sun holiday destination to travel in the world on your upcoming holiday planning. 

Being a tropical island with year-round warm weather, Sri Lanka offers one of the best hot holiday destinations in the world combining its pristine beaches, exotic wildlife and centuries-spanning historical monuments and ruins. The two monsoon seasons divide the country’s travelling windows into two categories making it a unique experience for the traveller who comes for the tropical breeze.

Sri Lanka receives an annual rainfall that varies from under 900mm in the driest parts (Southeastern and Northwestern) to over 5000mm in the wettest parts (Western slopes of the central highlands). The monsoon season for the Southern to Western coastal belt starts around the end of April to the end of November. During this period of time, the East coast of the island is blooming with warm weather along with its palm-fringed beaches for the perfect beach relaxation. Trincomalee, Pasikuda & Arugam Bay are the main beach destinations on the East coast and our personal recommendation for Trincomalee is to spend your holiday at the Jungle Beach hotel at one of their breathtaking beach chalets.

By the beginning of November, the South & West coast starts getting its best warm sunshine. The Western and Southern coastal belts become the best attractions on the island with the best beaches providing crystal clear blue water for anyone who looks to soak up the warm sunshine at the golden sandy beaches. Our best-recommended hotel for your South West stay is Cape Weligama and the on the South is the Wild Coast Tented Lodge bordering the world-famous Yala National Park.

The above chart demonstrates the year-round temperature and climate of Sri Lanka. The second chart helps you to plan the destinations you must choose to spend your Sri Lanka holiday and when to expect rain. In summary, the best months to explore the West & South coast are from November to April and the best months to explore the East coast are from May to December. The central hill country gets an average of rain and has a cold climate during the whole year which can be negligible.

Best Winter-Sun Holidays To Sri Lanka